Departments and Teams

Academic Teams

Team 6A (Wolves)  Team Leader: Ms. Love Peace
Team 6B (Otters)  Team Leader: Mrs. Suzanne Rogers
Team 7A (Herons)  Team Leader:  Mrs. Kayla Miller
Team 7B (Kingfishers)  Team Leader: Ms. Shelby Carey
Team 8A (Terrapins)  Team Leader: Ms. Gwen Crosby
Team 8B (Sandpipers)  Team Leader: Mr. David Jones


Principal  Ms. Jill Wnuk
Associate Principal Mr. Greg Carter
Associate Principal Mr. Jeff LaFleur
Dean of Students Ms. Ashley Ramsey
Administrative Asst. to the Principal Mrs. Joyce Farrell
Secretary to Associate Principals Ms. Vanessa Correa
Guidance Secretary Mrs. Nitza Rivera
School Nurse Ms. Kimberly Leslie

Guidance Department

When a student enters Two Rivers Magnet Middle School they are assigned to a grade level counselor. The three guidance counselors work with one specific grade level only and follow those students for all three years as they complete their middle school education. This enables our counselors to develop a relationship with their students and families. Counselors meet weekly with their team of teachers to collaborate with one another to make sure students are engaging in a positive learning experience.At Two Rivers Magnet Middle School the Guidance Department's goal is to help each student achieve success academically, socially and personally. We strive to work closely with students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community to achieve this goal.

Some of the supportive services our Guidance Department offers are:

  • Academic Monitoring and Counseling
  • Study Skills and Organizational Support
  • Individual Education Plan, PPT and 504 Counseling
  • Early Intervention Planning
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Student Mediation
  • Social and Emotional Support
  • High School Transition Planning
  • Developmental Guidance Lessons
  • Student Advocate
  • Facilitation of Positive Student Climate Projects
  • Parental Support and Community Referrals
  • Attendance Tracking and Intervention

Two Rivers Counseling Staff

6th Grade

Guidance Counselor

 Mrs. Joey Braiewa

(860) 290- 5320
 ext. 3154

Social Worker 

 Mrs. Jocelynn Nelson

(860) 290- 5320
ext. 3155 


7th Grade

Guidance Counselor 
Mrs. Carla Joseph-Trim
    (860) 290-5320
     ext. 3153 
Social Worker Ms. Leigh Skal     (860) 290-5320
     ext. 3128

8th Grade

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Cheryl Sansone 

(860) 290- 5320
ext. 3152

Social Worker 

Mr. Miguel Falcon

(860) 290-5320
ext. 3156


Family Engagement 
 Ms. Nikole Watkins (860) 290-5320
ext. 3125 
Guidance Secretary Mrs. Nitza Rivera         (860) 290-5320
ext. 3150