About CREC

The Academy of Computer Science and Engineering Middle School is one of 17 magnet schools managed by the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) in Greater Hartford. CREC Schools provide students across the region with the chance to identify what fascinates them and pursue it through opportunities that they would not find anywhere else.

CREC Schools are a system of tuition-free schools, diverse in theme, but united in purpose: that all of our students can learn to their highest potential. We believe that every student will be a CREC success story. Our extraordinary results are only part of that story. Across Greater Hartford, CREC Schools create spaces where educators and students continually rediscover a love of learning.


Equity, excellence, and success for all through a high-quality, theme-based education.


CREC Schools will work with families to ensure success for all students. We will eliminate opportunity gaps; provide rigorous, relevant, and engaging instruction; and guarantee schools where students feel connected, achieve their goals, and are empowered to positively impact the world in which they live.

Core Values

Expect Excellence
Act with Courage
Demand Equity
Embrace Collaboration