Academic Program


Program of Studies

At CREC Academy of Computer Science and Engineering, students will cover the same core curriculum as they would in their home districts. What makes us unique is our being the only middle school in the State of Connecticut to have a partnership with Amazon Future Engineers program. Students are required to take classes in Computer Science, including Scratch and Python coding as well as Engineering and Innovation, to provide a one-of-a-kind experience at the middle school level. 

The Four Pillars of Computer Science and Engineering:

Computer Science with a focus on programming and coding 

Engineering and Design Thinking to solve problems

Entrepreneurship to help students understand the value of the skills they’re learning

Social and Community Impact that students can have through technology

The Academy of Computer Science and Engineering provides developmentally appropriate teaching and learning to support middle school students in nourishing a growth mindset to explore and foster 21st Century Skills including problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and citizenship. CompSci provides 1:1 Chromebooks to help students learn digital literacy as well as support a more personalized approach to learning to meet the needs of the individual student. Leveled lessons are available to the students through their online course folders in Schoology. By assigning differentiated assignments online, the teacher is free to work with students in small groups or individually, as opposed to a "one size fits all" whole class approach.