About Us

The CREC Academy of Computer Science and Engineering Middle is the only middle school in Connecticut to be named an Amazon Future Engineers School - providing innovative and sequential computer science learning. CompSci’s focus is on providing middle school students with a developmentally appropriate learning environment that supports the individual needs of students academically, socially, and emotionally in a diverse academic community. CompSci provides students with rigorous foundational content as well as exploratory learning opportunities in computer science and engineering, highlighting entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Students are supported and grow to envision themselves as the engineers of their future! 


Belief Statements 

We believe in the power of education to inspire and motivate, to embrace challenges, and promote growth--transforming lives for the better.

We believe students are special. Students should look forward to a fresh start everyday by looking forward to working with a dedicated staff, with high expectations in an inclusive environment, to share on a subject.

We believe that education is a tool that helps us reach our fullest potential. As educators we have endless opportunities to impact our students academically, socially and emotionally. All students can reach their greatest potential if given the right teacher the right way for them to learn. The possibilities are endless.        

We believe by fostering relationships with our students we are all enabled to face adversities and provide equitable education while teaching our students to love to learn.                                                           

We believe CREC offers opportunities to students of a diverse background to engage and learn and gives staff the opportunity to work with these amazing students.

We believe that all students are able to learn and be successful when distractions are addressed proactively and appropriately through equitable education, to ensure growth through the year’s challenges.     

 We believe all students have the ability to learn both in and out of the classroom, no matter what their background is. With consistency and dedication (from EVERYONE) we can ensure a happy, productive and economically sound future, rooted in a positive culture and climate.

We believe education changes lives! It creates opportunities and builds community through positive relationships and provides experiences to ensure student success.

 We believe that as a team family we can provide consistent stability, show compassion and be empathetic, which allows us to form meaningful connections that will lead students to a successful future.

We believe that as educators we possess the ability to shape children’s lives by forming valuable relationships that will help students develop and grow. This will let us continue to help them rise and witness them use their voices, to make good decisions, and to spring into action!

We believe to shape our future generation we must show that we care, we make mistakes, we create an equitable environment to provide better opportunities to grow and develop to become better citizens!

We believe that every student can achieve their greatest success when guided with consistency, rigor, understanding, empathy and high expectations.         

We believe every child is a unique and valuable person who seeks success (success to them, it looks different to all of us). This success is attainable with mental and physical support and encouragement. We are a team who will work together to be that support!  

We believe we are a community of educators and students with unique gifts and talents. Our mission as educators includes developing and discovering the talents and skills of our students. Teaching is a gift; it is a skill not everyone has been given. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can every take it from you. Student success is enhanced when teachers and students make connections and have opportunities to learn from each other.


2016 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School

2016 Awarded "School of Distinction" by Magnet Schools of America

2016 Host of the Connecticut Bioblitz, run through University of Connecticut

2014 Awarded "School of Excellence" by Magnet Schools of America

2014 Awarded as the Winner for the Connecticut Green Leaf School

2012 Students invited to the NASA Student Symposium at the Johnson Space Center

2012 CT State Invention Convention Winners

2011 CT State Invention Convention Winners

2011 New England Math League ranks 3rd in the Region

2011 Students invited to the NASA Student Symposium at the Kennedy Space Center

2011 National Science Bowl 5th Place

2010 Teachers invited to the National Teachers Council for Mathematics

2009 Recognized by ConnCAN as a Success Story School

2009 New England Mathematics League Top Schools

2009 Students invited by NASA to the Johnson Space Center

2009 Southern New England Middle School Science Bowl Top Honors

2008 University of Connecticut Middle School Science Bowl Academic Champion, 2nd Place

2003 Metal Architecture Award

Special Features

Amazon Future Engineers Program

State-of-the-art facility designed to enhance the school's curriculum, includes complete, indoor Project Adventure Course

1:1 Chromebooks

Comprehensive curriculum emphasizes high standards and uses a multi-disciplinary approach.

21st Century Afterschool Program to support academic, social and emotional needs of middles school students.

Backdoor access to the Connecticut and Hockanum Rivers.