Three Amazing Qualities in Our Students

Empowered Learners and Digital Citizens: Our novel curriculum and instruction puts  student-driven learning and student voice at the forefront, providing opportunities for  exploration in the vast areas of the computer science field.

Computational Thinkers and Innovative Designers: Our innovative approach focuses on empathy and perseverance  through a systematic problem solving process to  prepare students for real world challenges.

Creative Communicators and Collaborators: Our collaborative spirit extends beyond the classroom, leading to successful teamwork in competitions and extracurricular activities, supported by a full athletics program and after-school clubs.

Special Features & Achievements

Our school leverages multiple partnerships to ensure our students receive top-tier instruction across the curriculum. Our students complete 3 years of computer science and a full year of engineering and innovation studies; less than 4% of the nation's middle schools have such rigorous computer science requirements. The Academy’s emphasis on digital literacy, computer science, and innovation sets us apart at the middle school level, providing essential preparation for our students’ digital future. We are so much more than coding! Students in the Academy of Computer Science and Engineering Middle School are moving from consumers to creators, ready to tackle the digital world of tomorrow.