Daily Schedules

Due to Covid precautions, Two Rivers is running an A/B rotation schedule, with 80 minute blocks. This allows students to have a 60 minute class period as well as a 20 minute mask break outside several times a day.

Additionally, each team's class periods vary slightly to allow for staggard passing in the hallways. In order for this schedule to make sense to you, find your team and look only at that schedule. Blocks 1-4 are on A days, while blocks 5-8 are on B days.

                  2021-22 Meeting Times by Team

Two Rivers operates on a six day rotation schedule (A-F). This allows classes to meet at different times during the day, as opposed to the same class at the same time every day. 

Our classes are 57 minutes each; to fit all the classes into the schedule, each class meets 5 out of every 6 day rotation, which allows for 285 minutes of instructional time as opposed to the 250 minutes when meeting every day for 50 minutes. The longer class period allows for more in depth discussions and activities, and also reduces minutes lost in transition between classes.

To view the master schedule for meeting times and rotation days, click HERE